The Hill-Side

Chris/April 17, 2010

“Emil Corsillo’s love of American workwear had him collecting not just waxed cotton jackets and tattered aprons over the years, but scraps of denim and yards of deadstock fabric. Soon the designer, who cut his teeth art directing and designing for the likes of Tretorn, started making himself items from the archive. “I was looking at this old hickory stripe canvas and it was exactly 54 inches,” he remembers. “It had a selvedge stripe on each end and folded perfectly into a narrow, square-cut tie.” And so began The Hill-Side, a new collection of ties and trappings handcrafted in the US from sturdy fabrics like canvas and chambray—much of which is sourced from (where else?) Japan. “It’s funny, everything I love is really utilitarian, but there’s nothing functional about a tie,” says Corsillo, who runs the company with his younger brother Sandy. “But a handkerchief has a foot in both worlds. A gentleman might carry one in his jacket pocket to offer a lady, but the man in the field tucks it into his back pocket to wipe his brow.” Whichever camp you fall into, you’ll appreciate The Hill-Side.”  Courtesy of our friends at  Shop The Hill-Side Spring 2010 Collection at Need Supply Co.

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