Meet the Maker: Rogue Territory

September 07 2012

Rogue Territory‘s handmade goods are built with an obsession to details. Based in Los Angeles, California, the Rogue Territory workshop is a tribute to American manufacturers of the early 20th century, when clothing was built to last and attention was placed not only on the quality of the materials, but on the construction of the garment.

Collaboration has always been the foundation of the Rogue Territory brand, focusing on creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. By supporting the skilled artisans who employ creativity and manual dexterity, Karl Thoennessen is dedicated to preserving the trade of handcrafted goods.

We’re excited to announce an exclusive collaboration with Rogue Territory, made of completely custom drake camo fabric. The 9oz canvas started out white and was dyed and then printed, a process making the pattern atypical for this type of camo, and one-of-a-kind for us.

Karl Thoennessen, the man behind the brand, will be in store on Friday, September 14 for the 6th installment of our Meet the Maker series, with a special guest appearance by Gusface. See more information here.

Shop the Drake Camo and other Rogue Territory items here.