Personal Style: Kennedy Holmes

Rachel/October 05, 2012

Kennedy Holmes is a doe-eyed Southern darling with a serious knack for vintage and thrift shopping. We’re really into her ability to make someone else’s castoffs completely current and stylish, and set out to find out just how she does it. Having recently relocated from Savannah, Georgia to Richmond, Virginia, we’d like to formally welcome Kennedy to our city, and look forward to seeing what gems she finds in our local thrift shops.

How would you describe your personal style in just a few words?

KH: 1990s mixed with 1960s and a little bit ex-ballerina


Where are your favorite places to shop?

KH: Bobby from Boston (Boston, MA) Beacon’s Closet (Brooklyn, NY) and Community Thrift (Charleston, SC)

What one item in your closet could you not live without?

KH:  I have a pair of classic black Chanel flats that I thrifted for $2 but sadly, I almost never wear them because I’m afraid to break them. They sit on top of my dresser right now and it makes me happy to look at them. Finding them was my most triumphant thrift moment!

What’s your go-to outfit that never lets you down?

KH: My go to outfit is a pair of high waisted jeans and a striped shirt with flats. Classic, timeless, and easy :)

Thanks Kennedy!

For more Kennedy Holmes, check out her blog here. And to get your hands on some of her vintage finds, shop her etsy page.

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