Confetti System

Rachel/November 11, 2012

CONFETTISYSTEM is two friends, Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, working as artists, stylists and designers, that are slowly art-directing the world into a more beautiful and lighthearted place. The duo transforms simple materials like tissue paper, cardboard, and silk, into interactive objects that create a point of focus, and occupy the space between the ephemeral and the permanent.

Nicolas and Julie first formed a friendship out of a shared love of communal collaboration and craft-making. The two originally bonded while working on photo shoots doing prop and craft styling, and collectively, have background experience designing clothing, jewelry, movie sets, music videos, Martha Stewart shoots, and painting, drawing, pattern-making, sewing and crocheting. For both, making things with their hands was always part of the equation.

Their name, CONFETTISYSTEM, was originally chosen as a band name, and as one project diffused and another took shape, the name was too great to let go. What began as two people getting together to decorate and create mini-installations for friends’ parties and music shows, has become something of a dream job, traveling the world and creating custom work for some big, big names.

At its most basic principle, CONFETTISYSTEM is based on the ideas of transforming spaces and of shared celebration. Since the beginning, the two have evolved, creating a line of silk and leather jewelry, party supplies and pinatas, and putting together elaborate installations, both permanent and situational. CONFETTISYSTEM has collaborated with and designed spaces for the likes of Opening Ceremony, Lanvin, MOMA PS1, Lane Crawford, United Bamboo, and the American Ballet Theatre, just to name a few, and created for the musical acts of Beach House, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and yes, even Beyonce.

Julie and Nicolas continue to work with the simplest of materials, and don’t plan on straying from that process anytime soon. In their own words, their work is “exploring the limitless possibilities and opportunities to transform something that is so everyday into something unexpected and refreshing.”

The two describe themselves as “perfectionists and kind of obsessive,” as any great mind usually is. Together they are shifting the lines between artists, designers, and craftspeople, and have successfully turned a hobby they love into a business of making, art directing, and creating fantastical objects and spaces for all to share and to come together within.

Everything is handcrafted in the CONFETTISYSTEM studio, located in New York, where hours and hours are spent slicing sheets of tissue paper into the perfect amount of fringe for whatever the occasion. Nicolas and Julie call themselves “decoration designers,” though we think they are doing much more than just decorating. In fact, their creations have the ability to completely change the mood of a space and of its inhabitants.

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