“Our goal for Brook&Lyn is simple, to make things.”

Interview: Brook&Lyn

Rachel/November 12, 2012

Brook&Lyn jewelry is handmade by Mimi Jung in Los Angeles. Mimi designs jewelry noted for presenting natural materials in innovative ways. Her collections focus on contrasts such as light and dark, and reflection and deflection; they seek to make familiar materials appear new by emphasizing selected features.

We’re excited to introduce Brook&Lyn, now available at Need Supply Co, and had the opportunity to chat with Mimi Jung about what drives her line.

Your background is in art and design- can you tell us what your work was like before you started making jewelry?

MJ: I was a very unhappy graphic designer with a background in fine arts. I designed books and exhibitions mostly for museums.

How has your jewelry evolved since you began? And where do you see it going from here?

MJ: Each new jewelry collection I create is completely different than the one before it. The common denominator has always been a basic shape, which is a circle. My current collection is my favorite by far. It’s very structured and polished. I’m in the process of designing my fifth collection, which will be a loose continuation of the last one, only with more challenging shapes.

You recently relocated to LA. Has the move changed the way you look at things or what inspires you?

MJ: Everyday, the gorgeous weather puts me in a great mood. Time moves a bit slower here. Maybe it’s the sun, or the fact that people are just way more relaxed. I finally feel like I can breathe and work on the dozens of little projects that I’ve been dreaming up since I started Brook&Lyn. I get more done without the constant pressure I felt in NY…the pressure that I wasn’t doing/seeing/eating everything that was out there!

The best part of being in LA is having access to completely different landscapes in just a matter of hours. I can do a quick photo shoot (another little side project I’m currently nurturing) in downtown and make it feel like NY. I can drive up to Topanga and shoot something that looks like we’re in Hawaii. Then there is Joshua tree, which has just breath-taking desert views, and they are all under 2 hours away.

I also have a tight group of girlfriends who are all incredibly creative. We have time (and room) to host a ton of casual spur-of-the-moment dinners and do yoga twice a week together. Just being around them is inspiration enough to last me a lifetime!

Can you tell us about your other projects?

MJ: Our goal for Brook&Lyn is simple, to make things. My partner Brian and I want to be in a place with our brand where we can make anything from a piece of jewelry to a light installation and not surprise anyone by our choices in medium.

Between the two of us, we build everything for Brook&Lyn, from the website programming to the product and lookbook photography. Right now we have the jewelry side and we have Brook&Lyn Studio, which is where we do digital work for fashion and beauty clients. Next is Brook&Lyn photography (hopefully we’re going to add film into that category in a year). And then lastly is Brook&Lyn Art/Objects, which launched a month ago with a few of my weavings and a wooden screen that Brian built and I wove onto. Brian is a brilliant wood craftsman, just something he picked up as a hobby. We’re also working on an all-in-one loom which will be nothing like what’s out there! On top of that, we do a number of collaborations with our friends, we have a series right now called “Brook&Lyn now in LA” where we worked with I’m RevoltingStop It Right Now and Jujumade to celebrate and announce our recent move. We’re busy bees but we absolutely love it!

Who are some of your favorite artists or designers?

MJ: Doris Salcedo, Alex Kanevsky and Isamu Noguchi, Lex Pott, and Daniel Jackson.

How do you take your coffee?

MJ: Super duper strong and black.

Thanks Mimi!

For more on Mimi Jung and Brook&Lyn, check out the Brook&Lyn blog.

Shop Brook&Lyn here.


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