Tricks of the Trade

Miles/November 16, 2012

Everything about this video is awesome. Especially when you’re sitting at your computer late at night, it’s cold out (it would be in November), and you’re already thinking steadily about warmer weather. In the past year or so, Sitka surfboards has been steadily coming out with some great little short films – perfect for killing some time with a hot coffee in between your palms. The following video is no exception.

Tricks of the Trade is a short video series exploring the different shapes of boards for the riders who use them by the craftsmen who perfect them. The following video shows The Hatchet, a pro model developed with mainly smaller and flatter waves in mind. Ridden a couple inches shorter and about half an inch wider than a standard shortboard, it creates speed through flat sections but still allows you to lay it on rail when you are on steeper and more powerful wave faces.

The board was shaped by Jay Novak and the video was filmed in Southern California.

Filmed & Edited by Ben Gulliver.

Letterpress work by Bespoken Letterpress.

You can see more of Sitka’s videos here.

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