Just Here’s Fine

Rachel/November 19, 2012

Just Here’s Fine is a project by photographer Victoria Hannan, in which she looks at the lives of London’s cabbies. The project is powered by Hailo, and gives real heart and soul to so many typically nameless, faceless drivers.

Thirteen years ago, Jamie left a job in an office because he didn’t like anyone telling him what to do. Now he loves the fact that his only boss is his wife. He reckons anyone who says being a cab driver is a bad job, just isn’t doing it right.

After working as a chauffeur for the Daily Telegraph for 16 years, Andy gave it up to become a cab driver. He’s been doing it for six years and says it’s a good job, especially when the market’s strong. He thinks things have been good since the start of the year and they’re only getting better.

Femi’s been a cabbie for 19 years. He doesn’t understand why some passengers don’t trust their drivers. They always think they’re going to be ripped off. Most drivers just want to get their passengers from A to B as quickly as possible. Femi wishes there was more trust.

Graham does what he wants, when he wants. That’s his favourite part about the job. He starts at five in the morning and works until two or three in the afternoon. He likes clocking off early, especially when the sun’s shining.

Adrian’s been driving for 12 years. He lives in Wimbledon and mostly works in the suburbs. He loves picking up tourists and makes his Cockney accent as strong as he can, just to make them happy.

Ben gave up a job at the post office to drive a cab. That was 33 years ago. He likes seeing all the different faces every day.


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