Hear This: Line & Circle

Miles/November 20, 2012

Out of Los Angeles comes yet another band that is sure to stay on the radar. Line & Circle just finished an East Coast tour finishing with their own label’s (White Iris) showcase in October. They’ve got a sound that’s almost hard to write about, because it’s so good. Their newest single, Roman Ruins, hits you in the first 30 seconds with a Morrissey-like vibe that you could either listen to with the volume low or high.

From The Silver Tongue: “‘Roman Ruins,’ as vividly captured in the video below, embodies a playfully youthful spirit of blindly traveling. The song coasts through calming melodies without the need for straightforward answers or conclusions. Frontman Brian Cohen’s voice holds a familiarity that comforts and cohesively matches the reflective instrumentation.

Line & Circle’s newest 7″ is available from White Iris Records.

Line & Circle – Roman Ruins [download]

via Everybody Taste

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