Coggles Street Style Films

Amanda/November 21, 2012

Feeling in a fashion rut as the grey days pass by one after another after another after another? Or perhaps, you’re needing a little inspiration for your shopping list as Black Friday 2012 approaches? Well, worry no more, Coggles is here to help. If you’re unfamiliar with Coggles, let us catch you up really quickly. Coggles is a British retail chain started in 1974 and named after an extramarital liaison (supposedly), they also run the UK’s largest archive of street style shots which they update frequently and can be seen here. While that is all well and good and inspiring on its own, the Coggle-specific bit we really want to share with you is a series of four beautifully shot videos they released awhile back.

Each of these videos features a different stylish standout from their archive, captured in motion doing what they do best: looking, well, stylish of course, but also going about the ins-and-outs of their daily lives and carrying on with their various vocations.The video above features a Danish girl named Natasha who is an aspiring tattoo artist, she learned to draw from her father who taught her the process using upside down pictures in Playboy. In addition to Natasha, Coggles also spotlights an Irish actress influenced by the spirit of the beat generation, a menswear designer that sidelines as a record-loving radio DJ, and an artisanal chef that runs a top-secret supper club out of his London apartment. You can view the rest on the Coggles Vimeo page, they’re worth a watch if for no other reason, than to remind us that true style is way more than just skin deep.

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