“Almost everything I make I consider to be a continuation of my drawing practice.”

Mari Andrews

Rachel/November 26, 2012

Mari Andrews is a California-based artist whose work combines her love for drawing and for collecting everyday objects that appeal to her drawing-like aesthetics. Her sculptures become something of 3D wall drawings, having been formed out of objects in ways that mimic basic linework. Mari is an obsessive collector of all kinds of things, both man-made and natural, such as wire, pine needles, branches and other linear material, and spends an intimate amount of time gathering, cleaning and storing her gathered materials.

Working heavily in annealed steel wire, she treats the 3D material as pencil line, saying, “almost everything I make I consider to be a continuation of my drawing practice.”

Mari’s work is influenced by any kind of structures, from cellular and mineral to plant and skeletal. While her intent is strong, the pieces are often heavily altered by her materials and the forms in which they will or will not take. Andrews transforms her collected materials to become new, hybrid forms.

“They are like family members, related but different,” Mari says of her collections of work. The singular sculptures come together in larger wall installations, but there is still a sense of quiet purpose in her work no matter the size.

Visit Mari Andrews’ website here. To learn more about the artist and her processes, check out this great interview by you have been here sometime and studio visit by In The Make.

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