Hear This: Hanni El Khatib

Miles/December 03, 2012

The nice thing about catching up with old acquaintances is that you don’t really know well enough to start talking about some serious stuff. So, if you’re not ready to take it to that level, filler conversation topics always come up. “Are you listening to any good music these days?” is a common one, and often times it’s at least going to get some sort of conversation sparked. With that question asked last week, I got a pretty good answer right off the bat: Hanni El Khatib.

Hanni is the first-generation son of Palestinian and Filipino immigrants who raised him in San Francisco, where he was surrounded by skateboarding, culture, and of course, music. Eventually he made it out of his adolescent stage and landed a job alongside fellow friend Keith Hufnagel as the creative director for San Francisco’s skateshop and now clothing brand, HUF. Still, he kept performing music on the side.

In 2010, he released two singles on Innovative Leisure (part of Stones Throw Records), and dropped his first full length album, Will the Guns Come Out, in 2011.

While he’s not making music and touring with good friend Florence (of the Machine), he’s still skating and relaxing with his blue nose pit named Harlow. He wants to marry Lil’ Kim because she’s nuts and claims that listening to Black Sabbath first thing in the morning will solve the world’s problems. We’d love to give it a shot.

His music has been used in television commercials for Captain Morgan, Nike, and Nissan, as well as the HBO series Hung, the Showtime series Californication and the feature film, For a Good Time, Call….

We’re really diggin’ him these days.

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