Men’s Style Guide: Uncle Jesse

Amanda/December 04, 2012

Alright guys, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Every girl…and I’m not kidding around here when I say every girl…from the ages of 25 to 35 harbors an dying love for Uncle Jesse. Uncle Jesse was the rebellious, rock-and-roll playing, motorcycle riding 1/3 of the paternal trio that ruled the roost on the sitcom Full House. He embodied a no nonsense attitude mixed with an ooey-gooey heart wrapped in a smoking hot package that all added up to a man that still makes us swoon.

Clearly, if you’re going to go for this look guys, you’re going to want to update it. So here’s my guide on how to do it.

A cool jacket. Uncle Jesse’s look of choice often revolved around a leather biker jacket, but he also has been known to look awesome in varsity jackets and jean jackets, as well. Any of these are good options, the bottom line is that it just has to make you look tough.

A vest. Uncle Jesse loved a vest. If you can get this in leather too, you’ll get bonus points, but it’s not completely necessary. In fact, we’ve taken the look and made it winter friendly with weather resistance and down feather stuffing.

Tight Jeans. This is definitely an area where we want to adapt for the times. Uncle Jesse’s jeans were so tight that when we watch Full House episodes now, we wonder why his voice doesn’t raise an octave when he dons them…so let’s go tight-ish jeans with this one.

Button ups. The key here is to leave it unbuttoned with a white t-shirt on underneath – an Uncle Jesse staple.

Black. Lots and lots of black.

Maybe a cardigan or two to show that you can be sensitive.

A manly scent. Uncle Jesse smelled like a man, there is no doubt about it. His scent was probably more in the vein of motorcycle grease mixed with quality hair products, but these will do the trick.
A pair of well worn boots. Uncle Jesse wouldn’t have been caught dead without ‘em.
And lastly, and most importantly, the hair. It needs to be well groomed, yet perfectly tousled. It’s a tough line to walk, but Uncle Jesse did it perfectly. Don’t skimp in this area, it can single-handedly raise you from Joey to a Jesse.
So there you have it, boys, the secret to every girl’s heart- use it wisely, Uncle Jesse is powerful stuff. Now go forth and “Have Meeercy!”.
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