“When Dave is playing his best it's a profoundly moving thing to experience, emotionally and intellectually.”

Dave Brubeck

Miles/December 05, 2012

Tomorrow, legendary jazz musician Dave Brubeck would have turned 92. In 1959, his legendary piece, “Take Five”, written by Paul Desmond and performed by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, became the first million-selling jazz recording. He was a pianist, a composer, and a master of polyrhythms, harmonies, and complex notes. His work with the Dave Brubeck Quartet, including his musical partnership with saxaphonist Paul Desmond, brought new attention to jazz, even from younger audiences.

When Dave is playing his best it’s a profoundly moving thing to experience, emotionally and intellectually…” “It’s completely free, live improvisation … the vigor and force of simple jazz, the harmonic complexities of Bartok and Milhaud, the form [and much of the dignity] of Bach and, at times, the lyrical romanticism of Rachmaninoff.” -Paul Desmond, 1952 interview in the jazz publication Down Beat.

Brubeck, who had a history of heart trouble, became unresponsive on his way to a medical appointment, said his longtime manager and producer Russell Gloyd. “His son was in the car with him and noticed that he wasn’t responding,” Gloyd said. Brubeck was rushed to a hospital in Norwalk, Conn., where he was pronounced dead. -L.A. Times

Dave Brubeck (1920 – 2012)

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