Introducing: Pistolero

Rachel/December 06, 2012

Pistolero was founded in 1993 in Leon de los Aldama, Mexico. The company was established on hand crafted cowboy and leather work boots, using Goodyear welts, Mexican tanned leathers and deadstock soles. Every detail is expertly crafted, using old school techniques, such as the use of lemon tree pegs for the arch of the foot, where others are using nails. The handmade details ensure an extremely high degree of perfection and quality to the finished product.

Mexico is the mecca of Western boots. Pistolero originally made a name for itself in the Western market with its top-notch cowboy and work boots, but has now created a more modern collection with the help of Japanese-based showroom Topwin. Having established itself first in the Japanese marketplace, the line is now available to the American market.

Pistolero is still handcrafted in Mexico, and still uses top quality leathers and Original Goodyear Welts. We are proud to introduce Pistolero shoes, offering both rugged good looks and old-school durability. Shop Pistolero here.

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