Studio Visit: Dear Rae Jewelry

Mariah Breitenberg/January 31, 2013

Meet the newest member of the Need Supply family, Dear Rae Jewelry. I recently paid a visit to the Dear Rae studio space and shop to have a chat with Karin about her beautiful creations, what inspires her and how she got her start.


How did you get your start in jewelry? What drew you to it?

K: When I was a child, I loved creating 3D objects. My dad is an engineer but did jewelry classes as a hobby. When I was ten he started teaching me how to saw, solder and smith metal. I really enjoyed it an after school I went on to studying jewelry design and Stellenbosch University.

Where does the name Dear Rae come from?

K: “Rae” is my second name that I inherited from my grandmother. “Dear” a word that is associated with preciousness which related to jewelry. There is also a visual play in my name: if you take the “D” out of “dear” it becomes the mirror image of “Rae.”



What inspires you?

K: Everyday people, objects and patterns that pass my shop/studio window.

What is the best/worst part about working for yourself?

K: The sky is the limit…


Are there any other jewelry lines out there that inspire you?

K: I am inspired by Satomi Kawakita, her work is raw and precious.

What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

K: Doing some travelling.


Shop our selection of Dear Rae here.

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