Stockholm Furniture Fair: The Nendo Lounge

Brian Jones/February 10, 2013

For the past ten years, the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair has invited a guest designer to create a lounge space at the entry of the fair. This year, Oki Sato, the chief designer and founder of Japan-based Nendo was chosen.

Mr. Sato’s installation, called Snow-capped Mountains, was meant to give the impression of floating high in the clouds among glowing white peaks. The lounge filled the center of the entrance hall with a radiant white light that felt as if you were stepping into a dream when crossing the threshold of the installation. The valleys formed pathways to explore with furnished areas to gather and relax, while the mountains offered partitions to briefly escape the visual overload of the fair.

The mountains were formed by lasercutting eighty, 5mm foam core sheets that were stretched out like an accordion on site. This method reduced the amount of material and transportation needed, while still creating an impressive experience that could easily be recycled at the end of the week.



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