“I was created; therefore I create.”

Jonni Cheatwood

Miles/February 11, 2013

We’ll start off by saying that Jonni Cheatwood is a pretty cool name, and without ever meeting the dude, we’re going to assume he’s a pretty cool guy. He looks pretty cool. He was born in California and now works and lives in Temple, Arizona. Temple, Arizona must be an awesome place to do art because Jonni’s stuff is pretty awesome. We’re especially fans of his Grace series, named after the member of the US Navy in which he paints over.


“My work, at its core, is an interdisciplinary experimentation in urban subculture, composition, color, shape, and form. Through a variety of mixed media, I have chosen to step into a seemingly destructive composition of layers, shape and lines, along with aggressive colors to relay parts of my story. Example, if you take the degrees in every triangle, it will equal to 180°. To turn and travel in the opposite direction, it requires a 180° turn as to say my life was headed in one direction, but my desires were halted and grace drew me in. Ultimately, I am a deconstructed being, living in grace and freedom to create.

I was created; therefore I create.”


If you get the time, please check out Jonni’s website and his blog.




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