Hear This: Adam Lempel and the Heartbeats

Miles/February 12, 2013

Once again, we’ve discovered an incredible new east coast band from our friends over at Everybody Taste. Let us introduce you to Adam Lempel and The Heartbeats, a Baltimore-based group that just put out their “You Belong to Me EP” that we’re currently diggin’. Take a second and listen to Echo, a track featuring Amanda Glasser of The Silent Whys. The track is bare bones simple, letting the vocals of Lempel and Glasser lift you off your feet from start to finish. All in all, the EP is great. Simple as that. Baltimore is pretty sweet in our opinion.


You can check out Adam Lempel and The Heartbeats, as well as stream their latest EP here.

Adam Lempel and The HeartbeatsEcho [download]

via Everybody Taste

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