Hear This: Bahamas

Miles/February 15, 2013

I got the gift of a mixtape this morning, one of those gifts that are starting to slowly fade away. It was an incredible mix tape. The last track, out of many great ones, was by Bahamas, the solo project of Canadian Afie Jurvanen. Prior to Bahamas, the Toronto-based musician was most noted as being the guitar and piano player for Feist. In 2012, Bahamas released Barchords on Brushfire Records, an album filled with incredible lyrics and a Jack Johnson-styled simple thump of the guitar. His sound varies though, going from a harsh, emotional cry to the most mellow of moods, heard in Lost In The Light. Hear for yourself.

25_Bahamas-photo1-HR-by Dave Gillespie

“Barchords are the simplest way to get an idea across. They’re used in country and jazz and punk rock and they’re straightforward and powerful,” says Jurvanen, “I guess I like those ideas representing the album. I suppose I was trying to continue the guitar theme from my last record too, just to further embrace the instrument and, ultimately, celebrate it.”

photos by Dave Gillespie


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