Pretty in Pink

Rachel/February 17, 2013

Here’s a little secret: we love pink. With spring around the corner, we’re ready to ditch the neutral tones and kick it up a notch. Pink is our favorite way to celebrate warmer weather and sunnier skies, and we’re paying homage to the color of the moment.

In the 1986 film from John Hughes, Andie must choose between the affections of her doting childhood sweetheart and a rich but sensitive playboy. Molly Ringwald’s character’s outfits, however, are what really steal the show, and she’s even been dubbed the original ‘granny chic’. In the movie’s climactic prom scene, Andie arrives in a dress of her own design, and frilly pink polka dots went down in history forever.


Following his infamous Blue Period, the years between 1904-1906 are dubbed Picasso’s Rose Period, named for his heavy use of pink tones. In a much happier state of mind, Picasso painted in cheerful oranges and pink in contrast to the cool, somber tones of his previous blues.


In Senegal lies Lake Retba, a lake with saline levels so high that it has a natural pink hue. The abundance of a salt-loving algae with the ability to produce large amounts of Beta-Carotene provides the pink color, which is safe to both swim in and drink.


It’s no secret that pink is Barbie’s favorite color.


And then came Gwen Stefani, a girl that is never afraid to hide her love for pink. She famously sported bright pink hair before it was hip and even married in a gorgeous dip-dyed pink gown, spot on with her bright personality.


Following her lead, pink hair has shown up on bold girls everywhere.

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And then, of course, there is Pink herself:


For the rest of us, there’s pink skirts, pants, dresses, shoes, or even just socks if you’re still a little shy about Barbie’s favorite color. Here are some of our favorite bright pink looks spotted on the streets.

Pink+Pants+Self+Designed+Street+Fashion+Berlin image 5577392891_d8cb4a8387_o a12a22517ceab79a4be982438c84c3e8 21711pink_7823web streetstyle-neon1 9debbb4fcbc3c39db9e242a206f1d070 Pants-Pink-Plaid-Coat-Black-Boots 0fd832da2e83adb0c90ffb27c233de62

Pink is great in paler shades, too.


Across all boards, we give pink a big thumbs up. It’s a color big enough to lift just about anyone’s spirits, and one that’s definitely not a wallflower. Here are some favorite pinks for an extra pep in your step.


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