Street Style: Modern Grunge

Rachel/February 20, 2013

The 1990s are alive again. Or maybe, they were never dead at all. Grunge is back in full force, complete with short floral dresses, faded denim, plaid shirts, beanies and chunky Doc Martens. Go ahead and pull that old band tee out of your parent’s attic, and it’s even ok to tie a plaid button-up around your waist again. Just leave the tamagotchi at home.

seanstyle2tumblr_me8y9v3wDY1rruy10o1_500Emma_StreetStyle_CLake_GL_06537844271_95d9f7b0e7_o276024Abbey-Lee-600x899tumblr_mc1t1tin1U1rvyatyo1_12807003128020_661f6d128e_oembedholly-11la-modella-mafia-model-off-duty-street-style-in-Balmain-Resort-2013-stripes-trend-in-ParisCamille Coraz—n1tilda nyIMG_8383tumblr_m8cnybKvgu1r3hdp3o1_500MilanostrRS137552tumblr_m9iim1LfRT1qe5yk8o1_500street-style7tumblr_m62uw2FkB11r5gwm8o1_500

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