Karen Walker x Advanced Style

Rachel/February 22, 2013

Karen Walker is never one to disappoint when it comes to quirky and awesome campaigns for her equally awesome eyewear collections. Her recent team up with Advanced Style, however, has got to be our favorite. Advanced Style celebrates the wonderfully stylish older generation and reminds us that real style isn’t just about the fashionable 20-somethings flapping about on Fashion Week. The Karen Walker Spring 2013 Forever Campaign stars Advanced Style ladies aged 65 to 92 and was shot in their own New York homes. Our hats off to some of the most stylish women around.

Shop Karen Walker eyewear here.

Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-11 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-10 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-9 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-7 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-8 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-5 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-6 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-3 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-4 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-2 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-x-Advanced-Style-1

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