Urbanears Colorful Approach to Sound

Brian Jones/February 23, 2013

Urbanears are a Swedish brand of headphones that have become nearly as common to see on the morning commute as Fjällräven backpacks. Their minimal and iconic designs, which come in a spectrum of vivid colors and special editions wrapped in denim or Harris Tweed, speckle the cityscapes in the land of Spotify and Pirate Bay.

Apart from a color for every outfit, Urbanears come in 5 models for various lifestyles, budgets and concern for music quality, all of which come with an inline microphone and remote. The larger models fold up nicely to throw in your bag when you aren’t wearing them, the Bagis earbuds snap together when they aren’t in use to hang conveniently around your neck and the Medis “lock” into your ears for a better fit—all thoughtful design considerations.


Recently, Urbanears has launched a new accessory called Slussen, a 3.5mm audio output splitter, and a companion iOS app that transforms what you have in your pocket into a mobile DJ booth—perfect for Lunch Beats.







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