Labàdienà: Lifestyle from Lithuania

Brian Jones/February 25, 2013

East of Sweden, across the Baltic sea, lies the country of Lithuania. This former Soviet occupied region is now the largest of the primary Baltic states with a population of about 3 million people and one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. Now that I live in this part of the world I’ve been exposed to a number of inspiring people and projects from Lithuania, a country I formerly new very little about. One of the those companies taking shape in Lithuania right now that deserves a bit more attention outside of their home country is Labàdienà.

Labàdienà, which means “good day” in Lithuanian is a lifestyle and fashion brand based in the capital, Vilnius that bears a genuine appreciation for their homeland as well as a remarkable attention to detail in their products. The goal of Labàdienà is to motivate a movement of like-minded people who share the same positive attitudes.

Their collections are inspired by the spirit of Lithuanian nature and the environment where they come from. Details include etched leather tags, custom wood buttons, and a unique selection of contrasting textures and patterns in their products, which are handmade locally in Lithuania.

The company’s first full clothing line was released in April 2012 and they are now preparing to launch their second spring/summer line in just a few weeks at “Mados Infekcija,” the largest fashion show in Lithuania after winning top prize at a smaller fashion show late last year. Keep an eye out for their upcoming line which will include more earth tones and a focus on sustainable materials.














Below are a few photos from their show winning collection last December at Mados Injekcija.




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