Avarcas de Menorca

Rachel/February 27, 2013

In anticipation of warmer weather and a stylish spring ahead, we’ve stocked our shelves with authentic Avarcas sandals from Ria Menorca. Avarca is a traditional leather sandal developed in Minorca, a Spanish island in the Balearic Islands.


The Avarca sandal has become so popular that the traditional style is copied all over the world. To protect the tradition and the artisans of the island, the local government, or Consell Insular, along with the Associacio de Fabricants del Calcat de Menorca (Shoemaker Association of Menorca) created a Guarantee Brand to certify the quality, production, and origin of authentic Avarcas de Menorca.


Originally, the sandals had soles made from recycled car tires, which were sturdy and durable. Today, they are made with lightweight rubber molds, but with the same characteristic finish of the traditional sewn sole.

Ria Menorca is one of only a handful of companies with the original Avarcas de Menorca label, which guarantees that the shoes are up to strict quality and material standards and that they are actually produced on the island of Menorca.

Shop authentic Avarcas de Menorca from Ria Menorca here.


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