Paintings by Eric Yevak

Brian Jones/February 28, 2013

Since I first began studying art in Richmond, one person who’s work has continued to inspire me over the years is Eric Yevak and his paintings. Yevak, who now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York had several gallery shows in Richmond when I lived there and even sold a line of t-shirts at Need Supply nearly 10 years ago—I wore one of them until the print completely disolved into its own faint textured work of art.

Yevak’s paintings are often developed in different series and range from heavy earth tones to stark white or even a lustrous pink, which remains a favorite of mine. His work carries an incredible depth of layers and textures while still feeling remarkably clean and modern no matter how rough they are. The paintings use a variety of mediums including graphite, oils, ink and resin on wood that can take days to cure and continue to look as though you could fall into them long after they’re dry.

I’m often inspired by work I couldn’t or wouldn’t ever do myself. These different perspectives in art, design and everything else challenge and expand my own views. Yevak’s paintings take me to a new place where I’d never end up on my own and that’s where great things happen.

eric yevak

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