Interview: Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap

Rachel/June 19, 2013

Jennifer Hagler is an interior design-loving photographer, DIY-er, fashion fan, sometimes foodie & aspiring globe trekker with spot-on style and taste. We were so inspired by her minimal home style and beautiful photography that we asked her to style and photograph pieces from our new home goods collection in her own space. View the lookbook herevisit Jennifer’s blog A Merry Mishap here, and read on to learn more about the lady herself.


Who are you?

JH: Firstly I’m a mother to a really cute little boy but then I’m also intensely connected to making things and working on creative endeavors. I studied art & design all through school and was typically found making something with my hands, painting or drawing or ceramics, there was always something I needed to be working on. I’m also a blogger, which is in many ways a full time job. I enjoy curating and sourcing items and creating a space online to collect ideas and images.

What is currently inspiring you?

JH: My husband and I are magazine collectors, they’re like books for us and we never throw them away. When we were in Denmark we devoted an entire suitcase to magazines & notebooks. One that I brought home is Dansk. I love the page layouts and graphic design but the editorials as well. As much as I love interiors and blogging about interiors I think design in all fields is related and inspires each other, so sometimes a really great fashion layout can inspire interior design. I’ve been listening to Shout Out Louds lately, it’s my ‘get work done’ music right now.


What are you most proud of?

JH: That’s easy, my son! I know it’s completely cliche but none of my accomplishments bring me so much pride as the smallest achievements my son makes. He’s the greatest. Sometimes I envy creatives who don’t have family life to juggle, I remember how much simpler life was back then. For as chaotic as it can be to be making cream of wheat & wearing a Superman cape while answering emails on my iphone, I have never regretted becoming a mom.


Does your clean, minimal home aesthetic carry over to other parts of your life?

JH: I definitely try to be authentic with my style. I think about the same ideas when I edit photographs or shop for a sofa as I do when I buy shoes & put away the laundry. Simplicity and well designed products are important to even the most mundane parts of life because good design is there is make our lives better, so why would I compromise with the small things? It’s a work in progress though, there’s always areas for improvement!

How important is environment for creativity and peace of mind?

JH: For me space is massively important. I am a visual learner & constantly critiquing things I see. My space needs to coincide with my ideals, which is hard at times as a renter but we do what we can. At least keeping things organized and only having objects that we really, really love around the house helps so much.


What are you looking forward to?

JH: My husband & I have been working on opening a housewares store for the last year. It has been slow going but we’re so close to launching now. is focused on Scandinavian made products that are sometimes hard to get here in the US. We have a lot of goals for the shop in the coming months so I’m just excited to finally see it come to fruition!



Thanks Jennifer!

All images courtesy Jennifer Hagler. Follow A Merry Mishap on Instagram for more.

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