A Score to Remember

Nick Grant/August 13, 2013

I saw “The Place Beyond the Pines” this weekend with my wife while my son was taking a slumber (which was a nice long one since the movie is about 2 1/2 hours.) While the movie was good, filled with a decent plot, engaging action/crime and a whole lot of poverty-stricken drama, I found myself more engaged with the music playing in the background throughout it. It was quite possibly the most beautiful score I had ever heard. You know when you hear music playing with a mood or a scene and you think, “ugh, that fits it so damn perfect, I can actually feel the pain/happiness/sadness?”

Not your traditional movie score with violins and pianos playing softly and occasionally, menacing, but still softly. This one is an amalgamation of sounds from rhythmless electronic that builds anticipation and angst to Bon Iver’s sweet voice giving you eargasms. Don’t think I’ve ever felt so much emotion from music throughout a movie than I have with Mike Patton’s work for The Place Beyond the Pines. I highly recommend seeing the movie just to experience this alone.

If you have Spotify (get it for free right now) the entire score is there for you to listen to over and over again without having to see people living in squalor or Ryan Gosling make the same facial expression the entire time he’s on screen.

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