The DIY Man

Nick Grant/August 26, 2013

I have a lot of clothes that don’t get the wear they deserve, so if they are a little too tough to just giveaway to my younger brother, I try and find new use out of them. I’m a bit of a self-proclaimed DIY Man where I try to give old pieces simple (or complex, depends on how much time, patience and room for error you have) alterations that breathe new life into them, making them wearable by my own stubborn, harsh standards.

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There are a couple types of alterations I have grown quite accustomed to. Instead of getting denim or jackets hemmed, I’ll simply cut the edges to my liking, giving it a subtle frayed look. If I get holes in my sweaters from rubbing on my desk or in a pair of pants from doing manly things around the house, I’ll Japanese boro them bitches with some old textile fabrics for that added layer of support and a unique look. Even dip-dying, which everyone should try at LEAST once with an old, worn out oxford. Especially ones with dirty or worn out collars. Don’t toss ’em; dip, baby, dip!

My next project will be this really awesome colorblocking experiment, using satin craft paint and applying them to old denim/canvas pants for some added color. The step-by-step process of this is quite easy with room for error, so why not, right? Honestly, WTF gives an incredible tutorial that I’m going to try and follow to a T and hopefully share my successful end result to the world via the social mediaz.


Basically, don’t give up on your clothes if they haven’t given up on you yet. Most of the things we buy are designed to last us a while, but even if they start to fall apart, give them the opportunity to redeem themselves. Like a basketball player coming back from a potential career-ending surgery. Let it at least try for that successful comeback story!

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