Brooke Baker: Apartment Tour

Emma Robertson/November 29, 2013

Introducing the lovely Brooke Baker! I’ve been catching little glimpses of her new apartment on instagram for a while now, and from what I could tell, it was a killer place!! I had a mad-craving to see it from top to bottom so I reached out to her – and here we are. Born in Texas, now residing in Seattle, Brooke has truly created a home that draws from her life-experiences, creative skills, and wild-at-heart attitude!

I asked her about the cowboy photo because I too am from Texas and wanted to know if there was a story behind him! Her reply: “Ohhh the cowboy. Well, his name is Glenn Ford, and it’s a very old movie poster from his movie Cimarron. I was doing a vintage patio furniture search across Texas, for a SXSW event I was working, and found him in the process. If you ever have the chance to go to Canton (the Disneyland of antique fairs) you have to go!”

Check out her: VSCO | Tumblr | GIFs
Photos by: Marissa Maharaj

I asked Brooke if she has ONE favorite item in her apartment?

I know this is an annoying and difficult question, kind of like – what’s your favorite song!??
But hey, she was able to pick…

“All of the pieces I build are like my kids, and you know that you can’t pick favorites! However, I do love my desk. It took quite a while to find and put together all the pieces, and once I did it made the whole apartment come together.

Now, we head outside! There is so much eye-candy in this little covered spot! Brooke did a great job at making this feel like an extension of her living room but with a greenhouse vibe that houses lots of lush plants! There is rich color, texture, and detail in every corner.

Tell us about this lion made of nails!

“I’ve had the idea to make art out of nails forever! At first I was going to do a lion and a lamb, but once I realized how long it took and how tiring it was to hammer each nail… I decided to just stick with the lion. I’m hoping to finish it soon, but due to how loud it is, it’s tricky to finish it when you have neighbors.”

Do you truly play the accordion?

“I’ve had ‘learn the accordion’ on my bucket list for quite some time now. I was in an antique mall in Texas and finally found the perfect one, I had to get it. I’m actually going to start taking lessons soon, but it’s also a tricky project due to the noise! (sorry neighbors!)”

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