“All grown ups are pirates. We kill pirates.”

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Miles/April 15, 2014

As far as Hollywood movies go, 1991 had some real significance. Major titles like Beauty and the Beast, The Addams Family, Boyz N The Hood, Point Break, City Slickers, Fried Green Tomatoes and the return of Schwarzenegger as the protagonist in Terminator 2, were all on our watch list. Hollywood rang in the 90′s with ticket sales and plenty of them. Nonetheless, most our readers will easily remember 1991′s yet-to-be-mentioned blockbuster hit, Hook, and one character in particular that stood out.

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The story of Peter Pan has some history. Scottish novelist, J. M. Barrie’s fictional and mischievous character who can fly and never grows up was first mentioned in 1902′s The Little White Bird. Peter Pan then appears in the form of a stage play in 1904s Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, shortly then was it adapted as a novel and published in 1911 as Peter and Wendy.

Nearly 90 years later, leave it to Spielberg to re-captivate the children of the 90′s with the rebirth of a classic. Hook, as he cleverly titled it, reacquaints us with Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook (played by the marvelous Dustin Hoffman) while asking audiences, What if Peter Pan actually grew up? Hook tells the story of Peter’s return to Neverland to save his children while encountering most all of Barrie’s incredible characters, including the Lost Boys.

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Before Hook, actor Dante Basco got his start in television roles including The Wonder Years. It was his role as Rufio in Hook, however, that left an indelible impression on 90′s kids everywhere. As leader of the Lost Boys, Rufio was the one character most adolescent boys left the theater wanting to portray. And who can blame them? With Spielberg’s vision and one hell of a costume crew, Rufio became one of the most bad-ass characters of the 1990′s (next to Swayze’s Bodhi of course).

Basco proved that kids with dyed hair, mohawks, piercings and leather were acceptable at any age and standing up to authority was a skill that could be done with style. Rufio’s introduction include a skateboard with a sail on a roller-coaster track and every single Lost Boy anticipating his arrival.

“All grown ups are pirates. We kill pirates.”

After Hook, talks of a movie based on Rufio were even heard. If you’re ever looking for costume inspiration, just get your VCR out of the closet and look back in your stack of VHS tapes. Some bones, leather, and red dye can quickly get friends stoked on never growing up anymore than they already have.

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