Staff Picks: Peter

November 22 2013

Peter is a Richmond transplant who came to us from Brooklyn, New York as our Creative Project Manager. With a diverse background from Guatemala and the Middle East, he grew up surrounded by his parents’ different cultures and families which led to a love for travel, language, and different cultures. Though he’s been traveling his whole life, Peter’s most recent adventure was moving from NYC to Richmond with his wife, where they are expecting their first child. Between projects, we asked Peter about his new city and what he’s excited for this season.


What do you love about Richmond so far?

We’ve been here about 8 months now, and Richmond continues to surprise me. We moved here for a change a pace, and more of an outdoor culture and have definitely enjoyed those things so far. The weather is great, and so is the sense of community. We go to the farmer’s market every weekend, and enjoy exploring different places to eat. The art scene is strong here too, between the galleries and the street art. It seems like a really family friendly city too, so we’re excited for that.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received, and the best you’ve given?

Last year my wife, Laura, took me on a surprise birthday trip to Miami for the weekend. She had kept the whole thing a secret and even had a few of my coworkers in on it (they had me convinced I would be attending a project management fundamentals training session-fun!). We spent the weekend relaxing by the pool and eating at great restaurants.

The best gift I’ve ever given? We give each other little things all the time, but I think the best gift I’ve given is probably the engagement ring I got my wife. It was an original design, and sort of an adventure to get it all planned. It required Navy Seal type covert skills to pull off and keep it a secret. But she loved it , and the rest is history :)

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What are the last three songs you listened to?

The last 3 things I listened to were kind of all over the place. Brother Ali,  NPR and classical music for babies…

What three things can you absolutely not live without?

Travel. Creativity. Good food. These are the things that keep me inspired and sane.

How do you spend a typical Sunday?

Sundays are all about recharging. We’ll go to brunch, and then read the NYTimes over coffee. Catch up on reading, and on any art projects we’re working on (which in our house is no less than 5 at a time). Or we’ll pack up a picnic and go drive somewhere and sit outside. Every Sunday night we do the same thing though, which is choose a new recipe and cook up a big dinner together.

What are your top picks this season?


Uniform Wares 152 PVD Rose Gold & Walnut: I bought this watch as a birthday present to myself and absolutely love it. Classic and simple design, it’s become a wardrobe staple for both dressy and casual outfits.


Pendleton Lake Camp Blanket: I wish I had this blanket during the cold winters I spent in Maine during college. This thing is so warm and a perfect way to cozy up as the temperature drops.


GRP Shawl Collar Jacket: I love a good shawl collar and a chunky knit and this one nails it.


Red Wing 6 Inch Moc: I have what some people have termed a ‘shoe problem’ but staples like these are justified because they stand the test of time.


Filson Sportsman’s Bag: Durable and strong enough to take just about anywhere. It also gets better with age.


Izola Tick Marks Flask: Because every man should have a nice flask.


Thanks Peter!