Road Trip: NYC

January 14 2014

On New Year’s Eve, friends and coworkers Jason and Marleigh decided to take an impromptu road trip to New York to see some friends and attend our pal Archie’s party. With about an hour’s notice, they packed up and drove to Brooklyn from here in Richmond for a one-night trip full of fun, friends, snacks and rest stops.


“There were lots of snacks!! We listened to some podcasts episodes, lots of Drake. Listened to ‘Blue’ by Beyonce twice in a row on the way back while still soaking up our short, but energized trip. We talked about a lot of funny things. We saw a fox on the side of the road while pulling into a rest stop.

We were driving into Brooklyn over the Verazanno bridge, and there were lyrics that said something about that same bridge! Funny moment.”


“The party was held in Archie and Emily’s cozy and art-filled loft. The moment we walked in we were greeted by Archie wearing one of those Études crayon scribble shirts and invited us to use the keg. He was a rad host.

White balloons sprawled between pairs of legs and pieces of furniture. Wine and liquor bottles filled the dining room table socializing just like the party guests.

Akiva the cat stayed on the top part of the loft the entire time, staring at everyone.”


“At the party there was talk about personality tests, travel stories. Everyone was dressed pretty casually. All very nice and fun.”


“That was a really funny moment. I went to go get water and the faucet just popped right off.”