Introducing: Datter Industries

February 12 2014

Kaye Blegvad, the ultra-cool, multitalented, and whip-smart lady behind Datter Industries describes herself as a maker of things, a title perfectly fitted for her sea of talents and forever-long list of ongoing artistic projects. Datter, meaning ‘daughter’ in Danish as well as a fusion of the words data and matter, is Kaye’s quirky and a little bit dark jewelry line incorporating elements of illustration and really cool symbology.

Yeshen Venema Photography

image by Kaye Blegvad

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image by May Coker

Datter Industries was founded in New York City in 2010, but has since crossed the Atlantic and is now made in Kaye’s London studio. The English illustrator began making jewelry as an endeavor to turn drawings and ideas into special, wearable pieces, creating  subtle and narrative jewelry with her own hands.

Every single piece of Datter Industries jewelry starts out as a model hand carved in wax, which is then cast and finished individually. This leaves the finished piece with a personal touch, an organic, not-too-perfect feel that shows evidence of the process and being worked on by hand.

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images by May Coker

crescents copy

image by Kaye Blegvad

Kaye’s work draws inspiration from all over the place, and much of her jewelry incorporates really interesting elements of symbology such as ideas from ancient artifacts, talismans, rituals, weaponry, and the natural world. Having already made a name for herself in the illustration world with her witty, smart storytelling, Kaye’s venture into jewelry is proving to be just as beautiful, interesting, and narrative.

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image by May Coker

eye and skull rings copy

image by Kaye Blegvad

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lead image by May Coker