Elizabeth Corkery & The Print Club

February 16 2014

A Sydney native, Elizabeth Corkery recently completed her MFA at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and is currently living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. Trained as a printmaker, she has an ongoing fascination with the varied notion of the multiple and expanding intersection between fine art and design. We’re exploring Elizabeth’s work and her practices of centering the fine art print at the point of convergence between print, installation, interior design, sculpture, architecture, and set design.

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From Nowhere There Is A Garden


From Heraldry

In addition to creating limited edition prints, Elizabeth enjoys a divergence from more traditional modes of production and often will create what she calls “unique multiples”; printed works created en masse where no two pieces are perfectly repeated and each is unique. Her pieces are bold, unique, and varied, turning heads all over the world with their bright colors and eye-catching imagery.

Created by Elizabeth, Print Club Boston is an online source for limited edition silkscreen prints. Released as a series, each collection of prints has a thematic cohesion and production. The prints are run in small editions, accessibly priced and all handmade in a small studio in Somerville, MA. The Grid, The Trellis is the inaugural collection from Print Club Boston. An eight-print series, these pieces are based around the structural geometry of the garden trellis. A commonly used armature for the upward growth of plants, the trellis simultaneously addresses the potential for fertile, organic expansion and the unnatural geometric structure of the grid.

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The Print Cub Boston studio not only creates limited edition silkscreen prints, but is open to collaborations and custom prints, and aims to establish a  membership-based community silkscreen shop in the Boston area in late 2014.

Elizabeth Corkery’s work isn’t limited to screen prints, however. Her work is all-encompassing and porously stands alone in a gallery setting.

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Drawing inspiration from the account of a female synaesthete who upon hearing the ignition noise of her gas stove is flooded with visions of pulsating flowers, I IS FOR PULSATING FLOWERS consists of a constructed environment where surfaces are overrun with vibrant repeats juxtaposing organic and geometric designs. Combining screenprint, painting, textile and graphic design, the installation generates a hyper-sensory experience within an environment that is at once familiar and irrational. The “visual language” of synaesthesia – geometric forms, repeated shapes, tessellating patterns – combines with abstracted floral motifs to both delight and unsettle.

Galerie_06 Galerie_04 Galerie_05 Galerie

From Galerie

Galerie, a storefront installation investigating the role of print in relation to the reproduction, manufacturing and display of consumables. The vernacular of the retail store is exercised with the classic visual merchandizing troupes of perfectly stacked goods on displays tables, adjustable wall shelving and the window display as visual hook. Printed pieces are displayed as potential construction materials, creating a fictitious “use value” for the otherwise purely decorative.

See more work from Elizabeth Corkery here, and visit The Print Club Boston here.