How To: Make the Best Paper Airplane (Ever)

March 09 2014

Today is your lucky day.Why, you ask? Because you will learn how to make one of the best paper airplanes of all time.

Step 1. Grab yourself a piece of paper, preferably size A4 or letter.


Step 2. Bend the paper over from the corner, so the front of the paper is flush with the left side of the paper.


Step 3. Unfold and repeat step two on the right side.

4 5

Step 4. Unfold your paper. It should look like this.


Step 5. A little tricky to explain, but take the front of your paper and fold it on top of itself, guiding the sides inward as you fold over.


Step 5 complete.


Step 6.  Fold the left and right flappies to the nose of the plane


Step 7. Fold the nose over on to itself, matching the front of the nose to the back of the nose.


Step 7. Fold your plane in half.


Step 8. Fold the wing of your plane. Repeat on other side. Make sure both sides are even.


How high up or down you decide to make your wing from the spine of you plane is up to you. (My preference shown below.) Use the Force.16

Step 9. Fold the wings up in half to create your wing stabilizers.


Step 10. Fly.


You wouldn’t let a Bald Eagle loose to fly around in your studio apartment would you? Of course not! Get this Thunder Piglet outside for a good throw with your mates! This is, in fact, the best paper plane ever.

P.S. Other known nicknames of said plane in use: Paper Peril, Budget Boomerang, Fertile Duchess, Wobblin’ Goblin.