Introducing: Yuvi

May 19 2014

The eponymous line of celebrated jewelry designer Yuvi Alpert, Yuvi is a line of finely crafted, easy to wear wrist jewelry. Crafted from materials sourced from around the globe, each piece is hand crafted for a refined take on everyday minimalism. We talked to Yuvi about his early inspirations and how simple details can add refinement to any look.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but when I was almost twelve, the whole family packed up and moved to Tel Aviv for a couple years. After high school I headed to Miami and studied at the University of Miami. From Miami after 14 month of backpacking in Far East Asia and South America I moved to NY and have been here ever since.

Did you study design? How did you get into jewelry design?

In college I studied International finance. Design came to me because of a purely selfish reason. I felt it was hard to find well designed men’s accessories out there so I just started designing and figuring out how to make products that I wanted for myself. First piece I ever made was as a freshman in college, I had an idea for this necklace that was inspired by an African medallion, so over winter break, I went to downtown LA and found these Armenian jewelers that can produce it. I realized it would be too expensive to just make one but if I make a few I could sell it to other students and then I wouldn’t have to pay for my necklace. I always loved dressing in simple comfortable clothes and felt jewelry was a great way to impact your appearance and give any outfit a new fresh look.

In three words, describe your aesthetic. 

Detailed, Comfortable, and universal.

When you design, are you designing for a specific guy?

I’m designing items that can add interesting and creative details to the modern man’s life.

Who do you envision wearing your pieces?

A creative group of people. Professionals ranging from artists and graphic designers to architects and journalists.


What inspires you in architecture, art, music, or literature?

It usually comes back to simplicity for me. I like clean lines, a less is more approach, and that goes for all artistic disciplines. Le Corbusier really speaks to me as a designer and architect.

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For the guy who is just starting to wear jewelry, what are some style tips?

Be comfortable. Men’s accessories are different from women’s in the sense that it’s all about tasteful details that do not detract from the entire outfit. It’s not about statement pieces that are chunky and distracting, but about sleek and cool details that round out the outfit.

 Any dream collaborations? 

Keith Richards!

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