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June 15 2014

Sartorially speaking, we have much to thank our dads for these days: the resurgence of New Balance, socks with Teva sandals, and perfectly crisp white sneakers. But while “dadcore” is having a serious moment, the life lessons our fathers taught us will never go out of style. So in honor of pops, we gathered snapshots of ours at their vintage best along with some unforgettable pearls of dad wisdom. Read on for the best advice around and some serious style inspiration.


Holly, Store Manager: Things my dad taught me: the importance of wearing a helmet (and knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards), how to make the best cinnamon toast ever, that Indiana Jones can do just about anything, that being a smart girl is something to be proud of, and to always feel empowered to speak my mind and follow my dreams.

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Morgan, PR/Marketing Intern:  Before a night out my dad always said, “The only things open past midnight are gas stations and legs. Be home by ten”

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Lauren, Jr. Designer / Associate Photographer: “You don’t have to go to school to get an education.” – Rudy Lyon


Connie, Shipping Lead: It’s from an old Irish proverb but Dad said “Don’t give cherries to a pig or advice to a fool”.


Molly, PR & Social Media Manager: My dad taught me the power of a handwritten letter when trying to get your *feelings* across. (I still don’t write enough letters. Working on it!)


Megan Koons, Senior Marketing Manager:  My dad is on the left and he always tells me to “Just relax.” He’s with my uncle in this photo (who happens to be one of my top advisers) and always told me: “Treat Thursday like it’s Friday”

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Olivia,  Web Operational Merchandiser: My dad always told me that it was inevitable that I would make reckless choices, but that acknowledging responsibility and facing the consequences would build character. Also – whenever he see this picture he says “Look at that hair.  I miss that.”

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AJ Lund, Keyholder: “Don’t ask a question you can find out the answer to yourself.”-Tom Lund

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Celeste, Warby Parker Showroom Representative: His favorite thing to say is “BE REAL.”

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Peter, Creative Project Manager: “Build to last a lifetime even when the intention is only temporary.” -John Khoury

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Mina, Warby Parker Showroom Representative:  “Life is short. Live life to the fullest, every minute counts. Do what you love every one of those minutes that passes, because you never get them back. If you do, there will be no regrets”

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Marleigh, Jr. Designer: My dad on dating : “There are 7 billion people on the planet. The best one is already taken but there are plenty more you can meet.”

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Angie, Web Customer Service Associate: My dad always said that riding a motorcycle is the most fun you can legally have in America. And I think I agree.

Here’s to you, Dad!