Staff Picks: Marleigh

July 31 2014

Need Supply Co. graphic designer Marleigh Culver is a plant whisperer. With a flat filled to the rafters with succulents, palms, banana and rattlesnake plants, she surrounds herself with organic beauty as stimulus for her prolific output. It seems to be working pretty well. Her designs and paintings all reflect her own naturalistic tendencies and self-described “future art mom” appeal. She’s a rad lady, and a talented one at that. In an attempt to see the forest for the trees and learn more about this creative whirlwind, we stepped into the jungle with Marleigh to chat about art, music, and her favorite new pieces.


How would you describe your personal aesthetic? How does that play into your daily style choices?

It’s hard to pin it down, but it just feels like me! I want to be like Miroslava Duma and Ana Kras put together. I like to look sharp and and I like for my clothes to be flattering. Lots of black and then a touch of camo, or a biker or baseball jacket to offset the vibe just a little bit. I’m always looking for a high waist and good plant print. I’m inspired by the styles of the ‘70s, uniforms and sportswear, art-loving women and European street-style. I like to look simply put together and be excited by what I’m wearing.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.06.23 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.01.41 AM
What’s the best thing about working at Need Supply Co.?

I used to pin Celine and Marc by Marc Jacobs ads on my wall when I was growing up hoping one day I’d get to work in fashion as a graphic designer, and here I am! I get to make beautiful work that I can be proud of. I love the environment and my rad co-workers. It’s such a unique place because it’s not in a huge city. The mix of people and their experiences and talent makes it the coolest place ever.

If you weren’t working in design, what would you be doing?

Sailing around the world. I grew up in Virginia Beach and love water. I dream of living in the mountains and working in a studio making large paintings and cool furniture. I refuse to think of a life without making good work. marleigh02
Listen to anything good lately?

Dreamin’ Wild by Donnie & Joe Emerson, the new Jungle album, St. Vincent and Future Islands. My friends have turned me on to a lot of good house and electronic music like Todd Terje, Jamie xx, DJ Koze, and Galcher Lustwerk. I also spend a lot of time listening to bossanova and good American oldies.

What’s the best way to spend a day off?

Painting, relaxing at the river with best friends, taking care of my 25 plants, getting drinks with my parents.

What have you got your eye on this season?

Filipa Hat: I love this rust-colored hat. Swoon-worthy. Hats are great attention grabbers and they give a you a little mystery.

T by Alexander Wang V-Neck Strap Romper: This is something I’d wear to my future gallery show. The lines are clean and demand attention.

Cheap Monday Circle: These would look sweet with some bright blue eyeliner. Dreamy specs.

Just Female Numb Jacket in Black: I love a jacket that says, “I don’t need no man.”

Wood Wood Charlot Ankle Boot: My eyes turn into hearts when I look at these. They are perfectly weird. The contrast colors and textured strap are great.

Thanks, Marleigh!