Photography: Stella Berkofsky

October 07 2014

Our new lookbooks for October, Foreign Exchange for women’s and North by North for men’s were shot in Richmond by London turned L.A. photographer Stella Berkofsky. We love her earnest, intimate style with its judicious use of light—helped along, no doubt, by her steadfast use of analogue film.

After the images came back from the lab, we had a quick chat with Stella about her personal style—on display in the photos she’s shared with us here—her trusty kit and the motivations behind the lookbooks.



Tell us about Stella.

London raised, now living and working in Los Angeles. Enjoys a good read, beach days, breakfast and working with clay.

Describe your style.

Someone once described it as ‘quiet,’ which I thought was nice.

What do you shoot with? 

Depending on the day, Mamiya 645, Nikon FM2, Leica Minilux are my go-to pals.

What makes a good photograph? 

An honest point of view + a little bit of make believe.


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Tell us about the vision for these lookbooks. Anything going on this season that had an influence? 

We were looking at a lot of Jil Sander’s 90s campaign imagery which was really beautiful in its mood and simplicity. We wanted to shoot in studio but didn’t want it to feel too clean and crisp, so I played up the movement… some motion blur mixed with clean portraiture. The shoots remind me of being cooped up inside on a wintry day, deciding how many layers you’ll need to put on before you finally make it outside.

See both lookbooks here.