October 08 2014

If you like Metahaven and read Murakami, slick Melbourne label P.A.M (Perks and Mini, or really, whatever you want it to stand for) was made for you. We carried the line back in the day, and are very happy to welcome them back to the store.

Their pieces are cerebral, textural and choc-full of unexpected details like warped graphics and fleece. The brand’s current lookbook, lovingly dubbed Pro-Active Mutation (also, suitably P-A-M) is probably the most on point we’ve ever seen the brand. Photog Max Doyle captured sis-bro duo Rachel & Chris Rutt in a choreographed dance of otherworldly shapes. It’s hard to tell where one Rutt ends and the other begins, and like P.A.M the images blur lines smartly blur every line possible.

PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-11PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-14PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-4PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-2 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-3  PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-5 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-10   PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-15

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