El Camino: Nicaragua

November 13 2014

Travelers tend to live their vacation time through smartphone screens—taking photos, navigating, reading up—instead of experiencing their surroundings first hand. But two professional nomads, Katalina Mayorga and Marianna Jamadi—both of whom are pretty handy behind the lens—have set about giving travelers an opportunity for disconnected, full-on, unfiltered experienced with no missed opportunities. They’ve combined their talents and together formed El Camino Travel, a boutique and hands-on agency that takes groups on grand tours and also takes care of all the (epic) snapshots.

They research locations exhaustively and forge relationships with unique local businesses before ever setting off. Then, they build itineraries around their new relationships, with locals contributing a large degree of insider knowledge. What’s more, they donate 10% of every trip’s proceeds to a local entrepreneur who they feel is doing something special in the destination country. Travelers even get to meet with the entrepreneur, who leads an intimate salon dinner which delves into the host country and his or her work and life—it’s the sort of personal perspective generally impossible to replicate with casual travel.

El Camino just wrapped its first trip to Nicaragua—a trek that crisscrossed the country’s Pacific coastline and included surfing, catamaran tours of secluded beaches, fishing for one’s own dinner, the art of cigar rolling and wandering local artisan markets. Marianna (who also shot our India feature in Human Being Journal 5) and Katalina shared a selection of shots with us today. Just in time to rub in our own impending East Coast polar vortex…

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El Camino is setting off for Nicaragua three more times next year, too. March 14-22, April 11-19 and April 25-May 3. Book early as spots are going fast fast fast.