You Have Too Much Shit

January 08 2015

Chris Thomas has a simple message for you: you have too much shit. The UK-based designer’s latest project is a punchy little self-help manual to help you wade through the clutter of your modern life. One part Thoreau’s Walden, one part Adam Mansbach’s Go the F*ck to Sleep, YHTMS makes a pretty convincing case for ditching your excess baggage. Knick-knacks? Lose ’em. CDs? Digitize and dump ’em. Donate, digitize, share, fix, destroy, Thomas lays out helpful several solutions for ditching your excess shit.

If you’re in need of more shit, you can purchase a physical copy of the book here, or you can download the free e-book version here. If you’re even beginning to suspect that you might have too much shit, You Have Too Much Shit will set the record straight.

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