Studio Visit: Olivia Kane Mood Rings

Marleigh Culver & Tag Christof
Photos: Matt Rubin

August 16 2015

New Zealand-born, Brooklyn-based Olivia Fleming is our kind of creative: well-rounded and always on to something new. She contributes to a host of top-shelf international fashion publications, has made waves as a celebrity stylist and is an all-round inspiration.

This week, she talked to us about her fantastic new line of mood rings and all the good vibes they bring.

Olivia Fleming

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Current Location: Brooklyn, New York
How do you take your coffee? Iced and black in the summer. Hot and black in the winter.
What’s your Sunday routine? If I’m not already at the beach on Fire Island, I’m usually upstate on Sundays. I wake up slowly to the sound of birds before pouring coffee and reading The New York Times in bed with my boyfriend. Then the rest of the day is spent finding new swimming holes to dive into, tubing down rivers, or hiking secret trails.
Describe your style in a few words: Relaxed, minimal, effortless. I live in light cotton dresses in the summer, a white T-shirt and denim in the spring, and cashmere sweaters in the winter.

Olivia, you have quite a nice spread of skills! You’ve written for Vogue, Elle, Interview, have helped style personalities such as Cate Blanchett and find time to enjoy the world. Did you expect you’d be here five years ago?

I hoped I’d be here five years ago! I first moved to New York in 2008 but had to relocate to Australia several months later because of the recession. I spent three years working as a Fashion Market Editor in Sydney trying to get back here! And finally, in 2011, I was able to buy a one-way ticket and haven’t looked back since.

What are you looking forward to most next? What are some favorite things you enjoy writing about or experiencing?

I’m going home to cover New Zealand Fashion Week at the end of August, which I am really looking forward to. I love that I have the ability to support talent in my home country through the publications I write for in the U.S.

These rings are looking fantastic. What exactly sparked the idea?

For years (thanks to a long-time love affair with My Girl) I have been trying to find a high-quality mood ring for myself — one that isn’t made using an acrylic/plastic stone, or plated brass. Last summer I was having dinner with an inspiring family friend, Joanne Sandler, who asked me bluntly: “Why don’t you just make them yourself?” I didn’t really have an answer for why not to, so I just said… “Um, OK!” A month later I set out with one goal in mind: to make delicate mood rings for grown-ups, using only precious metals and semi-precious gemstones.

Where is the name from?

Kane is my middle name, and I have always loved those initials: OK. To me, the word itself feels optimistic and full of promise, while also expressing acceptance. Over the years I have found myself saying more and more, “Everything is going to be OK!” so the meaning is layered [laughs].

How do mood rings work?

Mood stones are heat-sensitive, so they change color based on your body temperature. Ancient lore says this can offer clues about a person’s state of mind, and each color is meant to help decode your moods.

How has the process evolved? Did you have to educate yourself a bit before getting to a satisfying point to start making mood rings?

It took about six months of research, two months of design, and another four months of trial-and-error to get the first four rings just right — I was adamant that they be delicate, regardless of style. For example, the snake and double rings are our most bold, but the rings themselves, the thickness of the gold or silver, is as thin as it can be without loosing any of the rings’ integrity or quality.

How do you think people will be influenced by wearing them?

I wanted to take something nostalgic, a relic from our childhood, and re-work it; creating beautiful, high-quality pieces charged with meaning.

Each ring features a clear quartz mood stone — which is designed to heal. Known as a ‘master healer,’ clear quartz has the ability to amplify energy and thought, enhance and strengthen the aura, and stimulate the entire immune system; helping to heal imbalances in the body for a greater state of health.  Healers will often use clear quartz to help align and harmonize the chakras – particularly the Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Soul Star Chakra – by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating energy.  So basically, no matter what mood you’re in, clear quartz can actually draw off negative energy to cleanse and enhance the organs and the mind: think of it as a deep cleanse for your soul!

The double mood rings also feature amber (which balances emotions, easing stress and fear), rose quartz (which opens the Heart Chakra to enhance love) and opal (which amplifies imagination and creativity).

Essentially, each mood ring is designed to decode your thoughts, while ensuring that everything going on in your day will turn out OK! Which is why I love our tagline (or hashtag I guess!), which is ‘okmoods’.

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