Studio Visit: Office Magazine

January 24 2016

Sometimes it feels like we see a new fashion magazine come through the shop every day. It’s an oversaturated market to be sure, but one of the stand outs for us is office magazine. Based in New York, office magazine feeds off the spirit of the city in which it was founded, with the zine like spirit of downtown fashion and culture presented with the sophistication and gloss of the uptown scene. Ahead of the release of their next issue, we checked in with the trio of creatives behind the magazine in their office.

Hometown: We are all from different parts of Denmark. Zenia and Simon are from Copenhagen, Jesper is from Aarhus

Current Location: NYC

How do you take your coffee? Simon: Black
Zenia: a whole lotta
Jesper: with milk.
What’s your Sunday Ritual? We all live different lives, but if we were to spend a Sunday together we would most likely work on office.
Let’s start at the beginning – can you run us through how you met and how office magazine began? 
We met in NYC a few years ago through mutual friends. Zenia was doing make up, Simon styling and Jesper working as a Creative Director. We were all doing a lot of commercial work and needed a creative outlet so we decided to start office.
What was the original goal for the publication? Would you say you’ve stuck to your original goals, or has there been an evolution?
If there hadn’t been an evolution we wouldn’t have continued to do it. We’re trying hard to stick to our original plan and create content that is strictly point of view and not influenced by what’s hot and what’s not. Our original idea was to have fun and publish editorials, interviews, features and so on that we felt good about and not to think too much about what other people were expecting. Rei Kawakubo once said “if everybody likes it, I’ve done something wrong.” I guess we try to work in a similar way. We push people into having an opinion – whether they like it or not is not up to us.

What is your working relationship like? Is it a divide and conquer, or is everyone involved in all aspects? 
Everyone is involved in everything and sometimes we don’t agree and we have to have faith in one another and give room for our individual goals, ideas and visions. So far we get along quite well…
Can you give us a brief tour of your office?
It’s a big mess!
Have any of you had a ‘traditional office job’?
Simon: I’ve worked as telemarketing sales person and spend all day selling printer cartridges to small businesses in Denmark, I lasted a few months and was quite successful at it!
Zenia: I worked in a diner as a dishwasher when I was 17, but never had a traditional office job!
Jesper: The past five years I’ve been Creative Director at Bergdorf Goodman.
Office Magazine presents a subversive view of fashion and culture with a bit of a New York bent. Is this representation of a particular place intentional, or more happenstance?
New York is definitely an inspiration for us and we use that as much as possible for each issue.

Are there particular publications or projects that influenced office?

We’re influenced by a mix of what Dazed was in the 90’s, The Face plus other current magazines and also as a counter reaction to what other New York based publications publish. And we have a saying that if an editorial could be published in Vogue it can’t be published in office.

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