Drink This: One Block Street

February 07 2016

In his novel The Long Goodbye, Raymond Chandler famously declared “A real gimlet is half gin and half Rose’s Lime Juice and nothing else. It beats martinis hollow.” Our apologies to Mr. Chandler, but we’re going off book this weekend with the One Block Street.

Pickle brine has become a dive bar staple on the coat tails of harsh whiskey shots. And while we are fans of the pickleback, we wanted to find a way to incorporate the salty tang into more of our cocktail repertoire. With the help of our friends at Gordy’s Pickle Jar  and 2 Birds 1 Stone up in Washington, D.C., we’ve put together an unexpectedly savory take on the classic gimlet. We’ll be making use of the spicy brine left over at the end of a jar of their Hot Chili Spears, a favorite studio snack around these parts.


Along with a your cocktail shaker, strainer, and classic coup glasses, here’s what you’ll need to make one cocktail:

1.5oz. Ford’s Gin

1oz. Gordy’s Hot Chili Spear Brine

0.5oz. Lime Juice

0.25oz. Rich Simple Syrup

2 Dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters

 Orange or Lime to Garnish

To get this party started, you’ll need to combine all your ingredients in a shaker, and cover with ice. You’re mixing and chilling the cocktail here, so really put some extra gusto into that shake.

Strain into a nicely chilled coup glass. To garnish, we like a simple slice of lime, skewered and rest atop the glass for a little zing.

The third step is most important, sip, enjoy, and pontificate on the virtues of pickles and pickle based foods to those assembled. That’s what we’ll be doing, anyway.