Introducing: Pansy

February 26 2016

Undergarments have always been the foundation of the outfit, but we’re finding more and more that undergarments are becoming part of the outfit itself. This shift is due in no small part to the California line with a cult like following, Pansy. We caught up with one of Pansy’s founders, Laura Schoorl, to learn a bit more about the line of dreamy organic cotton undies.

Let’s start at the beginning, what inspired you to start Pansy? 

It came from a place of need. I couldn’t find any underwear I liked that was made in the US from domestic, organic fabrics. With most underwear, if it was made here, the cuts were uncomfortable and the colors were off, so we decided to make our own!

Can you walk us through the early days of the company? 

It was a very scrappy first year. Navigating a new industry, we had to find pattern makers and factories and fabric suppliers. We spent a year perfecting the fit of the undies, thrifting for color samples, and coming up with the brand. 

Is there a ‘Pansy Woman’ ? Who is she?

That’s difficult to say because I think Pansy is super inclusive. I’m comfortable saying that the Pansy woman is super comfortable. 

Where do you stand on the great panties vs. undies semantic debate? 


Where do you draw inspiration from (for color, design, etc)? 

I like to travel a lot to knock myself out of my routine; when I’m not in California, I tend to take everything in a little bit more. But I’m inspired any time I walk into a beautiful yard, go on a hike, or walk along the sea.

Are there any influences or exciting things to note for the most recent collection? 

I don’t put out traditional collections and mostly just add new colors or styles when inspired.

What’s next for Pansy? 

I am a total jock and working on some sporty pieces for the summer!

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