Introducing: Trademark

Words: Sam Wittwer
Images: Maggie Shannon

March 11 2016

Nestled into the New York’s abundant Soho district is Trademark’s flagship store. Surrounded by sharply cool shops built of iron and glass, the Trademark storefront has a distinctly warm feel. The store, all blonde woods and curvaceous lines, feels very much of the aesthetic world Pookie and Louisa Burch. The sisters of storied fashion lineage have garnered a cult-like following in the short tenure of their distinctly American brand of feminine cool. We met the pair in their Soho storefront to learn a bit more about Trademark.

Can you walk us through the beginnings of Trademark? What was it that inspired you to launch the label and what were you doing previously?
I was in school at NYU actually. The truth is Pookie and I had always wanted to do something together but we were never really in the same place at the same time professionally speaking. It finally felt like the right time for both of us to begin this big venture together.

How would you describe the aesthetic of Trademark? It is certainly American, but there is something so distinctive about it, I think of the likes of Anni Albers and Agnes Martin.
Thank you! I like to think about it as a kind of uniform for a certain type of woman. She is discerning and somewhat tired of what is being offered right now in terms of ready to wear. I think that was a big part of why Pookie and I started Trademark. We wanted to create something that felt really approachable but also different. I guess my bottom line would be that Trademark is “classic American” but a little quirky, executed with a distinctive point of view that makes the clothes somewhat unusual when compared to what’s out there.

Do you have muses, or particular women whose style you admire?
We both love our mother Susan and step-mother Tory Burch’s style. I also love Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep as well. Women with strong, classic senses of personal style that don’t seem to be influenced much by trends.

Trademark nods to the idea of individuality, yet you and your sister founded the label together and continue to work side by side. What is that dynamic like, and what do each of you bring to Trademark?
Pookie and I are lucky because I think we truly balance each other out. She has a brain built for design in a way that I don’t. I’m more orderly, structured and business oriented so I think we lucked out in that we are a sisterly yin and yang.

What were you looking towards for inspiration for the Spring 2016 collection?
The mood of the collection is inspired by rituals of Italian summer, exemplified by photographer Claude Nori’s book, Un Été Italien. This sensibility is mixed with the clean lines of familiar, updated American summer staples in lightweight breezy seasonal fabrics.

What’s next for you?
Growing our business! It’s been amazing watching the brand become what it is today and we are excited to keep challenging ourselves with how to always make it better season after season.

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