Styling Spring 2016

March 18 2016

Spring might just be our favorite season for dressing. As the chill of winter starts to fade into memory and before the oppressive heat of summer sets in, comes a season of balance, a perfect time to embrace the fun of dressing. As we ease into the season, our styling team is embracing a casual femininity. We caught up with them to get their notes on how to style the simple looks from the lookbook.

View the Spring 2016 Lookbook 


Small Additions

It’s easy for accessories to seem superfluous, but as we head outdoors to enjoy the Spring weather we’re bringing along only the essentials. Barrettes keep hair settled, scarves that can be worn any manner of way, and wide and woven hats to protect ourselves from the nastier effects of the sun.

Top Textures

Spring is the perfect time to embrace the organic. Muted colors and simple forms allow the texture of the material to become the focal point. Wearing a textured top in lieu of a classic cotton shirt is a simple way to add interest without excess or embellishment.


There is something a bit magical about a good pair of trousers. Worn in lieu of denim or a flowing skirt, a classically cut trouser adds a sense of refinement to an outfit. Our stylists pair theirs with simple ripped tees and a pair of sneakers for a leisurely look.

Tied and True

Whether it is finished in a perfectly tied bow or a simple knot, the belted dresses and blouses of spring have an essentially feminine elegance to them. The key is in the coordination,  sashes made of the same material as the garment pull the focus to the figure and not to themselves.

Easy Beauty

A fussy beauty routine has no place in outfits this easy. Instead, we put the focus on nourishing products that promote healthy skin and naturally textured hair. As for cosmetics, our team used RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek in Curious on the eye as well as the lip.

Our last suggestion is a simple one, throw on some sunscreen and head outdoors. Spring is an unpredictable season, some years seeming to pass in less than a week, so enjoy it while it’s here.

View the Spring Lookbook