Styling Men’s Spring 2016

March 25 2016

Spring is a fairly predictable season. The flowers bloom, the birds start chirping, our allergies return in full force. It’s also the season we get to shed our heavy winter gear and take a few more risks with our dressing before those long summer days kick in.

We sat down with our men’s styling team to get the low down on what to wear for the season.

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Up and Out

Legs get a chance to breathe again in voluminous trousers and cropped pants. It’s a play on proportion, and it’s incredibly easy to wear.

Get Some Color

You don’t have to go head-to-toe to embrace the rainbow. A single piece in classic cut and a sun-faded shade adds easy confidence to an outfit.

Room for Everything

The 3D pocket has gotten a bit of a reputation thanks to a generation of ill-fitting cargo shorts. The crisp lines and sturdy fabrics of these pieces treat the pockets with the respect they deserve. Plus, so much space for snacks.

Don’t Call it a Shacket

Over shirt, work shirt, whatever you want to call it – Spring’s top layer takes the form of functional shirts in rough and ready materials. Alone over a simple tee, or layered under a jacket – it’s the in-between piece you won’t want to forget.


Build it up with layers of bracelets, scarves and rings for maximum effect, or add a single bold hit with a beaded necklace and a classic tee.

Light Layer

It’s easy to get caught up in the dream of Spring-time sunshine and forget what the season is truly about – blustery winds and sudden rainstorms. Cover all your bases with a lightweight top layer that’s breathable and waterproof. Even if the weather doesn’t take a turn for the worse, at least people will know you’re prepared.

The final tip? Get outside. Spring is an unpredictable season, and soon we’ll be deep in the heat of summer, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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